BrainRelief's Consulting Services are for:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Schools or Educators
  • Academic or Life Coaches
  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors, or Therapists
  • Community Members
  • Attend school meetings to support the student, the school and the parents
  • Encourage effective teamwork and communication between the student, parents, teachers, school administration, and others
  • Coordinate with, provide resources to, or assist
    • teachers
    • counselors
    • other school personnel
  • Assist with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans & Responses to Intervention (RTI)
    • consider the student’s learning styles
    • follow I.D.E.A. 2004 and the recommendations of national professional organizations
    • place students in the least restrictive environment
    • acknowledge what is possible, feasible and legal
  • Conduct In-Services about teaching students who are or have:
    • Underachieving Gifted & Talented
    • Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD)
    • Right-Brained learning style
    • Visual-Spatial learning style
    • Slow processing, auditory deficit or other learning difference
    • Additional co-morbid conditions
  • Provide Community Outreach
    • Promote factual, positive information to the community
    • Avoid misunderstandings and bullying

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